Caswell County Republican Party Convention 2018

If what happened at our last County Convention is any indication of what we can expect for this election cycle and the future of the party, our outlook should only be positive.  We are now in a better position to carry out our responsibilities of helping to get more qualified conservatives into office while preventing the loss of those currently serving the citizens of this state and nation.

On Saturday March 31, the Caswell County Republican Party hosted forty-eight attendees of varying political persuasions; including a wealth of conservative candidates vying for favor in the upcoming election.  We elected two new officers to the executive committee and appointed someone that will be key to our party’s presence in the country and abroad.  The county Republicans welcome Kristy Dickerson to the post of Second Vice-Chair.  Kristy is a self-starter with a can-do attitude.  Confident and tenacious, Kirk Phinney will head the Finance Committee.  Never in recent history have we sent the total amount of allotted Delegates and Alternates to the district and state conventions.  However, this year, we are sending eleven out of an allotment of fourteen.  Look alive, Republicans!  Great things are happening! 

Now to the Republicans that changed your party affiliation to vote in the primary election, we understand.  Come back home soon.  We’ll keep the lights burning.                                                   - Herman Joubert/Chairman, Caswell County Republican Party.